Aalto University

Our journey

10 years ago, we embarked on a mission

By merging three leading universities in 2010, Aalto University was founded to work  as a societally embedded, and  innovative research  university for a better world. Aalto has a national mission to strengthen Finland’s innovative capacity through first-class research and education.

Together, we have come far

We have brought together science, art, technology and business to become a forerunner in our key areas. Our campus has rapidly grown into a world-class collaboration hub and we have transformed into one of Europe’s most international universities. 

Major trends are shaping us

The world is changing at a pace like never before – we see a global  sustainability  crisis, technological  disruptions, and  transformation of working  life. At the same time, the global economic centre of gravity is shifting towards Asia. Higher  education is changing too, with increasing demand and competition, digitalisation and a  pressure on funding. To tackle global grand challenges, universities are needed more than ever to help lead the way.

We have adopted a living strategy for a world in motion