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Aalto University

Some recent success stories from our community

Aalto launches free-for-all online entrepreneurship course

Starting Up is co-created by students and the European startup community and is a new contribution to open education by the country that brought Elements of AI to the world.

100% birch-based fabric

The Independence Day gown worn by Jenni Haukio, spouse of Finnish President Sauli Niinistö, sets the stage for Finland’s next 100 years. Designed by Aalto students Emma Saarnio and Helmi Liikanen, the dress evokes nature with exquisite materiality and minimalist lines.

Women and girls in tech

From space technology to the material revolution – over 2000 women and girls gather for three different technology events.

Spider silk is created by adding spider DNA to microbes

Surgify aims to make bone surgery safer around the world

Astronomers capture first image of a black hole

Changing how a country types

Researchers at Aalto University, as part of an international collaboration, have now used computational methods to place keyboard characters for easier, more comfortable typing.