Artworks: Pedagogical Encounters – educational development research project at ARTS (Nuutinen & Löytönen, AoF, 2012 – 2015) Photos: Anne Kinnunen Artwork: Eeva Jokinen

Radical creativity brings forward new ideas that challenge prevailing organisational modus operandi, rejecting incremental and iterative processes in favour of novel practices and approaches.

Aalto School of Arts, Design and Architecture is committed to an experimental culture. We want to encourage practices that break boundaries between different disciplines and between theory and practice. In the context of radical creativity and transdisciplinarity, our learning objectives focus on meaning-making, triggering curiosity and tackling complexity through problem framing. Our teaching practices acknowledge diversity and are student centred and process driven. By sharing expertise and embracing mistakes, we foster communication and learning through reflection. Our learning environments are open and safe spaces for experimentation. Material explorations enable multimodal, experiential learning and new discoveries through making.

Going beyond the obvious.

Artwork: Kirsti Taiviola